Jean Jullien: Serendipity

Work / Illustration

The perils of modern life as seen by Jean Jullien at Kemistry Gallery

Last night was the opening night of Jean Jullien’s spectacular new show at East London’s Kemistry Gallery. We know because we were there, fighting through a huge crowd to catch a glimpse of his latest series entitled Allo?. From what we can gather, Allo? is supposed to sound more like a French person answering the telephone as opposed to a cockney marketplace greeting. The telephone plays a big part in this series of no less than 59 large images on display in the gallery (does Jean ever sleep?) all based around the grim presence of technology in our lives.

From robotic checkouts to entire gigs watched through a screen, Jean’s happy illustrations are laced with scathing undertones that genuinely make you look at your glowing phone with resentment and fear. If you can get down there it’s well worth a look.

Allo? is at Kemistry Gallery. It opens on the 7th of February and will last till the 23rd of March.


Jean Jullien: Never Alone


Jean Jullien: Allo?


Jean Jullien: Arm


Jean Jullien: Burqa


Jean Jullien: Checkout


Jean Jullien: Fun


Jean Jullien: Dog


Jean Jullien: La Scene


Jean Jullien: Vowels


Jean Jullien: Tan