Jean-Marc Pau: Yan Nascimbene

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Humble, friendly photography of French artists in their studios by Jean-Marc Pau

Aside from proving to us, once more, that to be an artist living and working in France would be a dream come true, what this fantastic set of personable photographs also shows us is that portraits of well-known people do not have to be pretentious or necessarily high budget. The disarming thing about this series is how you can almost sense the kind of relationship self-professed-illustrator Jean-Marc has with his subjects, whether it be in their relaxed manner having a cigarette at a local cafe, or the way they are openly reclined in front of him in their sun-lit studios. What he is showing us is that if you want to make a photography series, just go and do it, and you can worry about the rest later. Inspirational!


Jean-Marc Pau: Jean Jullien


Jean-Marc Pau: Alex Varenne


Jean-Marc Pau: Yann Kebbi


Jean-Marc Pau: Jose Munoz


Jean-Marc Pau: Numa Sadoul


Jean-Marc Pau: Mylene Demongeot


Jean-Marc Pau: Marc Jailloux