Jean-Philippe Delhomme: Les Heures Claires de la Villa Savoye, for Wallpaper

Work / Illustration

Beautiful editorial illustrations by painter Jean-Philippe Delhomme

German weekly publication ZEIT Magazin is delivered to our office on a regular basis, seemingly to remind us of the commissioners’ excellent taste, and every week it proffers up a talented illustrator or artist the likes of which we’ve never seen before. This week it was the turn of Jean-Philippe Delhomme, a Paris-based illustrator who knows his way around a paintbrush, and who has been jazzing up the likes of GQ, Wallpaper and W Magazine for some time now with his characterful depictions of faces, figures and the occasional charming landscape. His portfolio is of the calibre that you only come across once in a blue moon – on which note, we want some of whatever they’ve been putting in the water at ZEIT.


Jean-Philippe Delhomme: Wallpaper Magazine Cover, July 2015


Jean-Philippe Delhomme: Zeit Magazin, Paris Tagebuch


Jean-Philippe Delhomme: Wright New York poster


Jean-Philippe Delhomme: Catherine Deneuve and Guillaume Gallienne for Stiletto Magazine


Jean-Philippe Delhomme: Vistajet, the Illustrated Story


Jean-Philippe Delhomme: Le Manuel de Style for GQ