Jeffrey Dell: Untitled (detail)

Work / Graphic Design

Art: The brilliant Jeffrey Dell is still making work about cake (and we still love it)

Usually any mention of food in that dangerous final hour between breakfast and lunch is strictly forbidden in the studio for fear of rousing rumbling stomachs, but when it comes to Jeffrey Dell we’re more than happy to make an exception. The artist is still on about cake, as he was last time we checked out his work, but we’re happy to turn a blind eye to our hunger to admire his sweetly frosted creations, as Jeffrey’s deft touch with a printing press means every image he puts his super-skilled hand to comes out laden with beautiful and tricky colour gradients, precise edges and impressive compositions.

I’m especially keen on A French Mistress which, though it might not be as striking as some of his more dynamic, jagged pieces, proves that his proficiency stretches to lifelike depictions of muted pastel shades, too. Now then. Lunch?


Jeffrey Dell: Payment Deferred


Jeffrey Dell: A French Mistress


Jeffrey Dell: Screenrush


Jeffrey Dell: Untitled


Jeffrey Dell: Untitled


Jeffrey Dell: Untitled


Jeffrey Dell: Untitled