Jenn Dierdorf: Land of Cockaigne, No. 2

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Art: Jenn Dierdorf creates abstract compositions from recgnisable shapes

Remember learning about Kandinsky in junior school art lessons, when the teachers were as concerned with keeping the students from poking coloured pencils in each other’s eyes are they were with imparting the wisdom of one of the greatest synaesthetes ever known? No, me neither, which goes some way to explaining my patchy knowledge of art history. Still, I remember enough to spot the reference to Kandinsky’s paintings, which he created as an abstract visualisation of the visions he saw while listening to music, in the work of Jenn Dierdorf.

The Brooklyn-based graphic artist works with configurations of lines, shapes and colours to create equally enchanting abstract patterns, but these are closer to doodle-inspired graphic art than they are to Kandinsky’s grand, music-inspired artworks. Her style is easy to spot a mile off; all playful line-work, concealed recognisable shapes and sweet colour palettes, and it’s exactly the kind of imagery we’d like to hang on our walls. Maybe this one would make the classroom full of kids sit up and listen.


Jenn Dierdorf: Untitled


Jenn Dierdorf: Land of Cockaigne, No. 3


Jenn Dierdorf: Untitled


Jenn Dierdorf: Purple Roof


Jenn Dierdorf: Tongues and Tombstones