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Jeroen Peter’s clean and minimalist architectural photography

Photographer Jeroen Peters started his career in building design, and his continuing series Spatial Interaction reveals his passion for architecture and the built environment. Having taken a career break to study photography part time at the Dutch Photo Academy in Apeldoorn, from where he graduated in 2012, Jeroen has combined his experience and interests.

“I find my inspiration in numerous things around me. Sometimes I pass by a building and all of a sudden I see an image. Then when visiting a museum, looking at classical paintings, an inspirational thought can suddenly strike me,” says Jeroen. “I love the designs by great architects like Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaas and Frank Gehry. Their buildings encourage me to grab my gear and go out shooting.”

Jeroen’s work is highly polished and presents each building in a grand way, albeit with tight framing that is allows for a degree of ambiguity in each image. “I like to abstract urban forms by freeing buildings from their spatial context and emphasising structure. This way the subject, or part of it, get all the attention and the viewer is not distracted by trees, lampposts, cars, etc. The result is a very clean and minimalist image,” says Jeroen. “I only go shooting on bright sunny days, so the colours are vivid and shadows are more emphasized. I don’t like grey and rainy days. It’s one of the reasons I like photographing architecture in Spain so much. Once on location, before I grab my camera I take the time to become acquainted with the building and its surroundings. After a while I try to find the things I get so passionate about: finding that exciting perspective, beautifully intersecting shadow, curved shape or rhythmic pattern.”

Since embarking on Spatial Interactions three years ago, Jeroen has exhibited the expanding collection of images each year in an exhibition. You can view the entire project here.


Jeroen Peters: Spatial Interactions


Jeroen Peters: Spatial Interactions


Jeroen Peters: Spatial Interactions


Jeroen Peters: Spatial Interactions