Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

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Jerry Seinfeld chews the fat with star guests over coffee in new web series

Jerry Seinfeld’s eponymous sitcom was famously broadcast by the BBC in a spectacularly anti-social late night slot meaning many Brits don’t quite realise just how significant it was. His latest project has no such worries though as it’s a web-first series of shorts accessible to anyone at any time of day – and that’s great news. The premise is very straightforward – Jerry calls up one of his comedy pals and takes them out in a (usually classic) car to get coffee. But in reality Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is much more than that as these stellar figures – guests so far have included Ricky Gervais, Larry David and Alec Baldwin – riff not just on the nature of their creative craft (which is fascinating), but on all manner of stuff and nonsense (which is really funny.) There’ve only been four so far but at a little over ten minutes each, it’s a perfect way to to spend your lunch hour by my reckoning (factoring in sandwich-buying time as well).

There’s also some oddly satisfying close-ups of both the cars and the coffee should either of those float your boat– you can watch them all here.


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Alec Baldwin


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Ricky Gervais


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Larry David