Lama Lo: Lucia Tahan

Work / Exhibition

Exhibition: New photography show offers an alternative side of Israel and Palestine

All too often society’s view of an entire nation is shaped by subjective and marginalised photographs circulated by the media, as is very much the case for Jerusalem, of which images of conflict and religious context seem to displace everything else. Travelling around Israel, Palestine, the West Bank and Jordan, one group of interdisciplinary artists each captured different fragments of their life in the region on camera, focusing on daily rituals, the natural landscape and the people surrounding them rather than the scenes of battle favoured by newspapers. The result is a beautiful group of refreshing images taken not for the use of the media but for pleasure, showing the oddities and little sights otherwise neglected.

Lama Lo is showing at ReTramp Gallery Berlin from 21 February – 26 March.


Lama Lo: Peter Wolff


Lama Lo: Sophie Schäfer


Lama Lo: Geneviève de Larminat


Lama Lo: Geneviève de Larminat


Lama Lo: Peter Wolff


Lama Lo: Peter Wolff