Jessica Fortner for Wrap Magazine

Work / Illustration

Jessica Fortner and her crazy, colourful world of illustrations

Insane detail and colour combinations make up Jessica Fortner’s work – an illustrator from Toronto, Canada. Jessica mainly produces visuals for children’s books and editorial and advertising for publications like The New York Times, Digital Arts and Juxtapoz. Whether it’s snakes or a giant igloo, there seems to be a mythical vibe to Jessica’s work that’s reminiscent of ancient civilisations (as with her totemic animal-themed piece for Wrap Magazine). Whether you’re mystically-inclined or otherwise you can’t deny the admirable time and effort channeled into making these wonderful creations.


Jessica Fortner for FormFiftyFive


Jessica Fortner for Penfield’s Childen Center


Jessica Fortner for New York Times


Jessica Fortner: The Sentinel


Jessica Fortner: Snowball