Jim’ll Paint It: Richard Madeley crying in an ASDA supermarket because he has lost Judy. A member of staff is comforting him and Prince is making an announcement over the Tannoy. Richard is wearing a Ben 10 T-shirt and holding a balloon

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Art: Update – Jim’ll Paint It is still brilliant in case you were wondering

It was just over a year ago that we stumbled across the goldmine that is Jim’ll Paint It, like a drunk peasant staggering into a turnip field. Since then we have watched with delight as his fame spread like wildfire (lots of rural similes in this post aren’t there?) and social media championed his brilliance again and again.

The idea remains deliciously simple; people write in with weird and wonderful scenes they’d like to see (usually celebrity based) and Jim makes them happen using Micrsosoft Paint. Checking back in to his Tumblr there’s the usual array of the baffling and bewildering creations (people’s minds work in very odd ways you learn) but also some nice timely touches; Vladimir Putin as The Village People for the Sochi Olympics for example, or a superbly retro take on the infamous Oscars selfie. And as ever it’s Jim’s attention to detail which is the clincher on this; check out the amazingly faithful representation of a Wetherspoons’ drinks promotion poster in the Madonna offering.

So either remind yourself of his genius, or prepare to meet your new favourite.


Jim’ll Paint It: An alien civilisation consisting of Nicolas Cage lookalikes bowed down praying to a statue of Adrian Chiles.


Jim’ll Paint It: Thom Yorke wrestling Mr. T in the Facility bathroom from Goldeneye for the N64


Jim’ll Paint It: Vladimir Putin as every member of the Village People


Jim’ll Paint It: Madonna drying out cigarette ends under a hand drier in the ladies toilets in Wetherspoons


Jim’ll Paint It: An Oscar style selfie with UK “celebs” from the 90s


Jim’ll Paint It: He-Man on Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents


Jim’ll Paint It: Colonel Sanders Last Stand