Jody Rogac: Oroma Elewa

Work / Photography

Intelligent, elegant photography from Jody Rogac

For someone whose go-to backdrop is a pastel-coloured sheet or a field of newly blossomed wild flowers, you’d be surprised at the weight at which Jody Rogac’s photographs can pack a punch. Her countless snaps of intelligent, powerful men and women are infused with a discreet elegance which is the end product of her wild combination of styling, choice of subject and ever-perfect composition.

Take her shots of Petra Collins for example, great photos of the young star are not exactly hard to find online – but name the last time someone took her photo and showed her off to be what she really is – a strong-willed natural beauty who is gradually changing the face of females forever.

It doesn’t seem like Jody needs the work right now, but if you are commissioning some photographs for a publication or something, don’t be silly and get someone else to do it – just shut up and pick Jody. You won’t regret it.


Jody Rogac: Petra Collins


Jody Rogac: Tara Niami


Jody Rogac: Marc Hundley


Jody Rogac: Ana Kras


Jody Rogac: Lukas Geronimas


Jody Rogac: Hailey Gates


Jody Rogac: Jerry


Jody Rogac: Fashion I


Jody Rogac: Fashion I


Jody Rogac: Fashion I