Joe Porter: Oh! Jupiter

Work / Graphic Design

Happy clocks and record sleeves from Joe Cole Porter

Anyone who designs a clock that reminds you to “have a nice day” must be a good person, and it turns out Joe Cole Porter is not just nice, he’s also incredibly good at what he does. His work is the perfect balance of well-informed and actually fun. How many times have you watched through your fingers at corporate brands trying to be fun and ending up just being boring with a healthy dose of wacky? Exactly. They should take a leaf out of Joe’s book and produce design that is cheerful and colourful but intelligent enough to get the job done at the same time – a bit like a friendly builder, or a cheeky plumber. Some of Joe’s most exciting stuff is his record sleeve design, and we hope to see a little more of that in the future.


Joe Porter: Coriander Studios


Joe Porter: Meredith Monk


Joe Porter: Have a Nice Day


Joe Porter: Curvatures


Joe Porter: Curvatures


Joe Porter: frieze


Joe Porter: Bespoked typeface