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Jonas Unger’s brilliant accessories shoot features Italian men eating pasta

We last featured Jonas Unger two years ago for his beautiful and well-composed portraits. This time it’s his fashion editorial for French weekly magazine supplement M le Magazine du Monde that caught our eye for its fantastic take on the typical accessories shoot.

The series uses mature, silver-haired foxes as the subjects. The group of men effortlessly model expensive watches, leather phone cases and other electronic gadgets. But the real genius is in the way Jonas has captured them, photographing them using and wearing the products around the city of Rome.

One man causally lays his phone next to the dish of pasta he’s tucking into and others play cards with rolled-up sleeves to show off their designer watches. It’s so interesting to see this style being used in a magazine, rather than the sleek, unattainable imagery we so often see. The flashy accessories combined with the sports jackets and floral shirts is a hard combination to resist. But it’s Jonas’ ability to capture the candid that really brings this shoot to life.


Jonas Unger: M le Magazine du Monde


Jonas Unger: M le Magazine du Monde


Jonas Unger: M le Magazine du Monde


Jonas Unger: M le Magazine du Monde