Step into the floral-infused world of Jordan Coelho's frightening figures

Oelhan, the Paris-based digital artist and motion designer, talks us through the kinetic energy of his vibrant work.

7 February 2023

The work of digital artist and motion designer Jordan Coelho, AKA Oelhan, are equal parts macabre as they are fun. His aesthetic is dark and colourful, undercut by uncanny anthropomorphic figures that look straight out of an insidious Alice in Wonderland anime. “My work primarily centres around two themes: plants and portraits,” Jordan explains to It’s Nice That. “I find animating floral elements particularly satisfying as they allow me to capture the explosion of shapes and colours during blooming.”

This piqued interest in the floral and fauna combined with interest in the human body and face is best seen in Jordan’s Mixed Feelings series. “In that series I focus on emotions, oddity, facial expressions, and textures a lot,” he says. “I find the process of designing peculiar faces and creating mesmerising movements for my characters to be particularly enjoyable.” By using 2D and 3D animation software such as After Effects and Cinema 4D, Jordan is able to bring these digital portraits to life. “I am continually drawn to the diverse styles and visually striking concepts present in anime, and my artistic influences are deeply rooted in this energy,” Jordan tells us. His work is certainly one which we can’t look away from.

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Jordan Oelhan: Braggart (Copyright © Jordan Oelhan, 2023)

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