Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk: The Good Life for Bloomberg

Work / Illustration

Flip those Monday morning blues the bird with Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk’s new work

As December begins, it’s a natural time for people to slow down and take stock of the past 12 months, but for Jordy van den Nieuwendijk that might take some time. The Dutch illustrator has had an extraordinarily prolific year smashing project after project out the park, and although time spent in his portfolio is a non-stop joy, it’s still his chromatic line work that really floats our boat. Created either with paint or on the computer, his work for Bloomberg, Neon Magazine and his Kiosk show in Hamburg positively bursts with fun and frivolity. He’s also just created a super-cool cover for the Grizzly Bear album Shields for Urban Outfitters’ annual project celebrating the best albums of the past year. Jordy, we love you, but take a break this Christmas man, you’ve earned it!


Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk: Figures on Sofa for Neon Magazine


Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk: Weather for Kiosk


Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk: Smoker for Kiosk


Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk: Plant for Kiosk


Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk: Bike for Kiosk


Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk: Grizzly Bear – Shields (For Urban Outfitters)