Josep Román Barri: Poolga illustrations

Work / Graphic Design

Fun, with healthy dose of fantastic — meet graphic designer Josep Román Barri!

If, like me, you’re a sucker for graphic design that is in some way hilarious or crammed full of illustration, then look no further. Boshing out logos, business cards. fliers and all sorts of things that can, sometimes, have the tendency to be boring, Josep is rocking the boat by making them fun, exciting and cool. Although you may be sidelined by his very sweet Poolga illustrations, it’s worth checking out some of his other projects including Barcelona is here, Objects through Objects and the pretty amazing Pasta Script — the fruit of a workshop based around making Scriptographer brushes inspired by humble pasta and sauce.


Josep Román Barri: Barcelona is here


Josep Román Barri:


Josep Román Barri:


Josep Román Barri:


Josep Román Barri: Alia


Josep Román Barri: Alia


Josep Román Barri: Objects Through Objects