Josephin Ritschel:

Work / Illustration

Josephin Ritschel recreates Mulder and Scully in meticulous pencil comics

Whilst having a nose through the Flickr favourites of some of my top illustrators, one girl’s work kept simaulatenously cropping up and catching my eye. So when it was revealed that the mystery “Meva Meva” was in fact the lady responsible for the “Books Change With You” project that we ogled over a few months back I knew I was onto something sweet. Josephin’s quietly excellent ability to tell stories in single images, or through perfectly put-together zines brings happiness to the brain, followed by an immediate pang of jealousy that you didn;t think of making an X Files comic first. This is certainly some of the best pencil work I’ve seen in a long time – not to mention the perspective! this girl is seriously good, and I bet she’s hilarious too.


Josephin Ritschel: Le Petit Neant


Josephin Ritschel: Le Petit Neant


Josephin Ritschel: Rundgang


Josephin Ritschel: X Files comic


Josephin Ritschel: X Files comic