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The renders of Josh Haywood’s Burning Man sculpture are incredible

With new-build apartments and houses popping up all over the landscape at incredible speed, it’s so interesting to see a project that focuses on true artistry and craft in architecture. Following on from the Hayam Sun Temple Josh Haywood and his team built last year at Burning Man festival in Nevada, the team hopes to construct a new installation titled Arbour.

Taking on the colossal scale of Burning Man again, this latest proposed artwork is inspired by “the geometry of sacred architecture.” With the aim to create a miniature cathedral in the desert, the installation has its roots in medieval rib vaulting, an arched form architects at the time used to create lightness and elevate spirits.

The methods used to create this structure are far from medieval, as Josh explains on his Kickstarter page: “We have digitalised these geometries and manipulated them in parametric models to design a contemporary structure that achieves the same objective.” The renders are impressive, with intricate trunk-like masts all interlinking via a delicate canopy of laser-cut plywood. If the Kickstarter project reaches it’s full pledge amount, this dazzling structure will appear in all its glory in the Nevada desert to provide a gateway to contemplate the world.


Josh Haywood: Arbour render


Josh Haywood: Arbour render


Josh Haywood: Arbour render


Josh Haywood: Arbour render