Josh Holinaty: FFWD Weekly

Work / Illustration

Josh Holinaty is smuggling the silly and the gross into a publication near you

The fact that someone producing such brilliant, varied, detailed illustrations for unexpected publications like The Globe and Mail, Canadian Business and Runner’s World could restore the faith of anyone who thinks that such magazines wouldn’t be interested in commissioning work described by its creator as “silly, gross, drippy, grungey and clean.”

Josh Holinaty’s illustrations are an absolute joy to behold, due mainly to their Archie Comic style injected with a strong hit of asinine humour. One minute you’re looking at a chaotically-detailed image of a snowboarding accident, the next you’re witnessing a gloriously simple image of a before and after shot of a decaying banana (complete with spot-on facial expression, naturally).


Josh Holinaty: Transworld Snowboarding


Josh Holinaty: Transworld Snowboarding


Josh Holinaty: OWL


Josh Holinaty:


Josh Holinaty:


Josh Holinaty: Runner’s World