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Montreal fashion designer Josh Reim presents his beautiful AW16 collection

Fashion designer Josh Reim has just launched his AW16 collection and the accompanying lookbook is just as dreamy as previous seasons. The new collection sees him focusing on memories and sentimentality with waxed fabrics, button-off collars and hand-dyed fabrics. The shapes and silhouettes feel more organic then previous collections but it’s still the details that Josh hones in on for his designs.

Known for his embroidered touches, this time Josh has collaborated with Isabella Rodriguez and Rachel Rutt for the embroidery on the black corduroys, the illustration on the polo shirt and the knitted pockets in other garments. “I asked Isabella to collaborate on the illustration with me because she is brilliant and someone I wanted to do a creative project with for a while. The same goes for Rachel.”

Shot in an old house covered in wooden panelling and floors, there’s whimsy and mystique lacing every image typical of his past lookbooks. “The input I gather each season is always shifting and the way I’m feeling about things is always changing. However the brand identity remains consistent and continues to get stronger,” explains Josh.

The collection was photographed with Jetro Emilcar, who he’s worked with before and the pair were keen to represent Josh’s work as a whole. “We talked about making the photography look artifactual, which is something we try to do every season as well with the clothing,” the designer says. This human influence is seen throughout the collection where natural fabrics and materials are manipulated into loose jackets and draped dresses. The ambiguity throughout the lookbook strengthens the work and it’s something Josh embraces: “The beauty of this being a series of still images is that the narrative is entirely up to the viewer.”


Josh Reim: AW16


Josh Reim: AW16


Josh Reim: AW16


Josh Reim: AW16