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Photographer Joshua Gordon’s “loose diary” of work (NSFW)

“I suppose I don’t really focus on one subject or story, I’d rather just shoot as much different, varied stuff as possible and then arrange it to create my own narrative” London-based Irish photographer Joshua Gordon tells us. “It’s a combination of personal projects and character studies enchained to create a story, one that’s ever changing and developing as the project continues. I’ll stop shooting and release them in a publication this year. I suppose it’s a loose diary of sorts.”

The collection of images Josh sent us serve as passport stamps documenting a string of wild escapades stretching around the world. “The majority are from a project comprised of images taken over the last four years in London, Dublin and Thailand.” Despite the four years which thread between the images, Joshua sees each of his shots as intrinsically connected. “Even when I shoot prostitutes for six months in Thailand I don’t really see it existing on its own, I’d rather it sat beside other stuff I shoot here and in other countries to create a much more interesting, complex story.”

Within the complex web of work below can be found images from his short film due to be released later this year, an image from a collaborative shoot between the photographer and his girlfriend Jess [Maybury] for the latest issue of Gut magazine, a portrait of experimental musicians Dean Blunt and Gaika for the cover of Crack, a tear from Carhartt’s new book with Rizolli which features some of his film work, a portrait shot for Law Magazine, and a cover for Library Paper.


Joshua Gordon: London, 2014


Joshua Gordon: Front cover of Library Paper, 2015


Joshua Gordon: Commissioned work for LAW Magazine & The British Fashion Council


Joshua Gordon: Taifu in Bangkok, 2014


Joshua Gordon: London, 2015


Joshua Gordon: Dean Blunt & Gaika for the front cover of Crack Magazine, 2016


Joshua Gordon: A page from Carhartt’s new book with Rizolli, featuring some screen-grabs from a short film I directed for Carhartt in 2015, shot by Isaac Eastgate


Joshua Gordon: A boy I met on the train. Berlin, 2016


Joshua Gordon: Joseph Bird, Thailand, 2015. My good friend & the camera assistant for my short film “Krahang”. This shot was taken after the last day of filming, the pistol he’s holding to his head is one of my young subject’s homemade pistols, which they put together from modified BB guns and parts from Facebook. The gun’s are crudely made and commonly backfire & explode in the users hands.


Joshua Gordon: Jess. London, 2016


Joshua Gordon: Bangkok, 2015


Joshua Gordon: Bangkok, 2014


Joshua Gordon: Bangkok, 2014_


Joshua Gordon: A page from me & Jess Maybury’s joint shoot for Gut Magazine. Taken in London, 2016


Joshua Gordon: A bathhouse in Chiang Mai, 2014


Joshua Gordon: One more from me & Jess Maybury’s joint shoot for Gut Magazine. Taken in London, 2016