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Bananas get anthropomorphised in Julian Frost’s brilliant animation

Melbourne-based animator and illustrator Julian Frost brings the humble banana to life in a series of anthropomorphic sketches. In various scenes the our crescent-shaped friend takes on numerous guises and uses. We see the piece of fruit take the place of bicycle wheels, a giant guitar and even a set of vicious teeth. In other parts, Julian gives real character to the banana, like turning into an ominous creature lurking over someone’s shoulder, photocopying itself and being mourned over like a fallen comrade.

The focus is all about the banana for Julian, so his monochrome line drawings frame the yellow pop of colour from the fruit. Simply drawn but beautifully nuanced and well-observed, humour is the order of the day in this animation. Even the description is deadpan: “Rich in B6 and soluble fibre, bananas are a healthy and hygienic snack choice for all age groups.”

Julian says: “I try to make work funny or, failing that, at least cheerful and nicely designed” and with Bananas he succeeds on all counts.


Julian Frost: Bananas (still)


Julian Frost: Bananas (still)


Julian Frost: Bananas (still)


Julian Frost: Bananas (still)