Illustrator and animator Julian Glander shares some of his favourite books

20 July 2016

This year Julian Glander has seen his work appear in Lucky Peach,, Nickelodeon and a whole heap of other places. As one of our Ones to Watch 2016, his in demand computer-created animations and illustrations are a wonderful mix of the surreal and the fun, with quirky characters navigating worlds draped in ice cream hues.

We were eager to get inside Julian’s mind and find out which books have helped shaped his colourful and joyous sensibility. Just as we’d hoped, Julian’s bookshelf is a cornucopia of obscure tomes and unexpected choices. From a book solely about marbles to one about an American rock band from the 70s, the props Julian has used to accompany his books are just the icing on this kitsch, pastel-coloured cake!

Miranda July: Nobody Belongs Here More Than You

Ever notice how so many of the all-time greats are M.J’s? Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Miranda July. It doesn’t seem logical that such a cool person even exists. Her body of work is so varied and consistently brilliant; I’d love to be maybe 1% as interesting as her. Unfortunately, I ruined the cover of this book by squishing a bug with it. 

Robert Block: Marbles: Identification and Price Guide

In the last few weeks my friends and I have gotten really into marble culture. I’m trying to implement some slang from the glossary of this book: moons, dings, flea bites, gob feeders. “West Virginia Trash” is an old-timey marble collector term for machine-made marbles. “Commies” are clay marbles. Ding!

Ginette Lapalme: Confetti

I have been a massive, adoring fan of Ginette’s work since I was in high school; soaking in her psycho-cute characters and acid pastels for nearly a decade now. I’ve worn out the pages of this monograph by flipping through it for inspiration so many times. Somebody send me a new copy.

Jean Paul Sartre: No Exit and three other plays

Sartre is my favourite playwright (full disclosure, haven’t seen Hamilton yet). Everybody knows No Exit, but The Flies is secretly his all-time banger. It’s so grim and misanthropic; I’d like to do a cartoon adaptation for kids.

Evie Nagy: Devo’s Freedom of Choice (33 1/3)

I can’t really think of anyone who’s had a stronger influence on my point of view than these wacky boys from Ohio. DEVO and Mark Mothersbaugh made me believe that goofiness can be powerful, strangeness is a gift, and unbridled sociopolitical rage can be peppy and poppy. There are quite a few good books about this band, I picked this one because it fits nicely in the front pocket of my overalls. 

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