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Film: Jungles in Paris elegantly document Jamaica’s incredible swimming horses

If you’re feeling like you’ve heard, read and listened to all the stories there are then check out Jungles in Paris who document unique tales from across the globe. The brainchild of Darrell Hartman and his brother Oliver, the pair have created a fantastic website of short documentaries and photo essays inspired by new discoveries.

One of my favourite films is Sea Horses, a beautiful insight into the equestrian centre at the Half Moon resort in Jamaica. Horse trainer Trina Delisser tells us about the first time she took horse into the water and it’s just beautiful how she describes the weight of the horse contrasted with the weightlessness of the water.

Since that moment 30 years ago, Trina’s been teaching horses to swim so they can escape the blazing heat of the afternoon sun. I never thought seeing a horse tread water could be so beautiful, but it really is. And this beauty is echoed throughout the whole film, with lovely, calming shots of aquamarine waters and bright skies. There’s a real sense of gentle, placid movement too, as we skip from the water, to the horse and to the equestrian centre itself quietly and seamlessly.

This is just a snapshot of the kind of videos Jungles in Paris are creating and it’s such an interesting and fresh way to tackle the travel genre.


Jungles in Paris: Sea Horses


Jungles in Paris: Sea Horses


Jungles in Paris: Sea Horses


Jungles in Paris: Sea Horses