Jurgen Maelfeyt: Kask brochure

Work / Graphic Design

Great Jurgen Maelfeyt designs draw on acid house and hippy crystals

Jurgen Maelfeyt is a designer and co-founder of Gent publishing platform Art Paper Editions. His design work achieves an uncommonly effective balance of concept and function; making work that is playful, with an incredibly broad frame of reference that is still readable.
Jurgen’s visual references span the latter half of the 20th Century, chopping between psychedelic hippy crystals, Technicolour landscape photography, acid house and New Wave cinema. These considerations run through to the production values of every project, working with processes and materials that reflect the idea and the purpose.

Art Paper Editions, an independent publishing platform Jurgen runs with Caroline De Malsche, is focussed on the idea of the book as an exhibition space. They work with artists and institutions on photo essays, archives and critical writing which cover current affairs, Euro cars and hip hop sneakers.


Jurgen Maelfeyt: Toneelhuis


Jurgen Maelfeyt: Toneelhuis


Jurgen Maelfeyt: Toneelhuis


Jurgen Maelfeyt: Poster


Jurgen Maelfeyt: Poster


Jurgen Maelfeyt: Poster


Jurgen Maelfeyt Poster