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Just So create extraordinary, beautiful horse racing film for Dunhill

On the list of things I know nothing about, horse racing falls between haberdashery and horticulture (yeah, it’s an oddly anachronistic alphabetical list ok?) but that didn’t stop me loving Just So’s new film for Dunhill. It tells the story of Sam Waley-Cohen, who in 2011 became the first amateur jockey to win the prestigious Cheltenham Gold Cup and the subsequent quest to defend his title. But For The Love is actually about much more than that, touching on themes of loss, passion and pressure and it’s shot with mesmerising cinematic flair, packed full of gorgeous shots.

The documentary will air on Channel 4 this Saturday and is another interesting milestone for branded content with the film more than standing up on its own merits as well as chiming in with Dunhill’s brand values.


Just So: For The Love (still)


Just So: For The Love (still)


Just So: For The Love (still)