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Product Design: JWT Brazil’s superhero rebrand of cancer treatments

If you’re reading this at work, get ready to pretend you’ve got something in your eye because this is one of most uplifting design projects we’ve seen in ages. JWT Brazil worked with the A.C.Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo to help change the way children think about their leukaemia treatment. We see a lot of high-tech wizardry aimed at alleviating the stress youngsters undergo in hospital, but the Superformula solution is simplicity itself.

In collaboration with Warner Brothers, JWT rebranded the intravenous bags used in chemotherapy with superhero insignia – namely Batman, Superman, The Green Lantern and Wonder Woman – and the identity was extended throughout the ward. I love the psychological element of this solution, harnessing design to the most marvellous ends.


JWT Brazil: Superformula