Work / Illustration

Karl-Joel Larsson’s jubilant, art-historical drawings take references to new heights

Artist and multi-disciplinary designer Karl-Joel Larsson is the essence of a modern day Renaissance man; working between painting, furniture design, graphic design and drawing. While studying at Gothenburg’s Academy of Design and Crafts he developed a practice that combines his many areas of expertise, drawing the furniture and paintings that inspire him.

A step on from his series Some Matisses, which arose from re-painting Matisse’s when he didn’t know what to paint, Karl-Joel’s new drawings depict Donald Judd furniture, palms, pools, bouquets, more Matisse paintings and Frida Kahlo in front of a Picasso. Drawn in bright hues with minimal details, the poppy series manages to strike the difficult balance of historical know-how and light heartedness; which sits well in Karl-Joel’s portfolio, that also includes a “post-practical table” with a textile top and hidden layer of elastic string.


Karl-Joel Larsson: Untitled


Karl-Joel Larsson: Kahlo, Kelly, Picasso


Karl-Joel Larsson: (Avery & Kelly) By the Pool


Karl-Joel Larsson: Flowers in front of a Judd


Karl-Joel Larsson: Still Life with Dance and Judd Table Cloth


Karl-Joel Larsson: Painters Family


Karl-Joel Larsson: Interior III