Kate Peters: Laura Marling (detail)

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Photography: Kate Peters captures famous faces with consummate skill

When a photographer goes to assist a more established practitioner, they have an amazing up-close opportunity to learn from the best. And they don’t come much better than Nadav Kander, whom Kate Peters spent four years working with before developing her own projects and commissions.

It’s always tempting to try and identify the influence of one creative in another – sometimes in overly simplistic ways – but there’s something about Kate’s portraits that echoes Nadav’s supreme skill in presenting well-known faces in ways we seem to have never seen before.

From Laura Marling to Mo Farah (part of a series focusing on some London 2012 heroes including a topless Andy Murray) and LESTER FROM THE WIRE PEOPLE, this is brilliant work from a photographer with bucketloads of talent.


Kate Peters: Mo Farah


Kate Peters: Clarke Peters


Kate Peters: Pervez Musharraf


Kate Peters: Robbie Coltrane


Kate Peters: Annie Lennox


Kate Peters: Laura Marling