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Film: Fascinating series of shorts planned by tech guru Keiichi Matsuda

Keiichi Matsuda is one of the most engaging creative minds exploring the ways in which technology will define our futures. We were lucky enough to have him speak at our In Progress conference last year when he examined how so-called hyperreality and interconnected devices may come to shape our worlds, both within the home and without. He has previously produced two excellent films looking at these issues (below), but now he needs our help for his most ambitious project to-date. Keiichi is planning “a series of interconnected shorts” set in Medellín, Colombia, which he hopes will, more than ever before, “express my love and enthusiasm for technology while finding out about its dark side and thinking about the potential problems it could cause.”

This is a tremendously exciting project and we’re glad to see Keiichi’s getting a lot of love over on his Kickstarter page already; now let’s help take it to the next level!


Keiichi Matsuda: Hyper-Reality (still)


Keiichi Matsuda: Hyper-Reality (still)


Keiichi Matsuda: Hyper-Reality (still)