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26 July 2011
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She’s worked with some of the biggest stars around – including Jared Leto, Lil Wayne and Ice Cube – but now it’s time for her breakthrough role in the Beck’s Green Box Project. Get ready for Cicciolina, the little dog with the big personality, brought to the masses by top photographer Kenneth Cappello.

He designed an eye-popping King Kong-style piece starring his beloved pooch just launched in California, where she appears in the air as part of a specially-commissioned augmented reality artwork.

It’s Nice That spoke to Kenneth about his dog, his ideas and the Wu Tang Clan…

Hi Kenneth. You have worked on some big projects with some massive names, so why did you decide to focus on Cicciolina? Is she difficult to work with?

Well she’s always been the biggest star – she’s usually on set when I’m shooting. The camera always eventually gets turned in her direction and she takes over most of the shoots at some point. I’m focusing on her now because she will become a massive star in the next few years – we have plans.

What can you tell us about how Cicciolina is going to be brought to life via the green box?

She’s not taking any shit – it’s her against the world right now. With this kind of platform and the scale of it she needed to make a strong statement. A larger-than-life introduction – literally.

Do you think – as some do – that augmented reality is a game changer for the creative industries?

I’m not sure but I remember getting online for the first time in 1998 and the only thing I thought the internet was good for was looking at the Wu Tang Clan’s website, so look where it’s at now. So, augmented reality, who knows? Although it is 2011 and I thought we would have cars that were more like spaceships by now, so I guess you never know…

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