Anthony Burrill: Kheyamaya (Photo: Renee Arns)

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Anthony Burrill, Apfel, Damien Poulain and Rhonda Drakeford design Kheyameya for Rotate Editions

Four European graphic artists have collaborated with two Egyptian Kheyameya artists to create a series of limited edition Kheyameya wall hangings for Rotate Editions. Anthony Burrill, A Practice for Everyday Life, Damien Poulain and Rhonda Drakeford of Darkroom have created patterns that have been realised in textiles using traditional techniques.

“Kheyameya artists, or ‘tentmakers’, have for centuries created large-scale needle-turned appliqué pieces to line the interiors of tents used for ceremonies including marriages and funerals, and also for religious festivals,” explains Roanne Bell, founder of Rotate Editions. The linings were traditionally hand stitched, but over time the process was replaced with machine made versions – as a result the tentmaker occupation is increasingly under threat.

The series of 12 wall hangings merge the graphic sensibilities of the west with the craft of the Middle East. All four designers have created Kheyamaya that have strong geometries and rely on pattern and compositional experiments to create unique works. Apfel’s monochromatic contribution is inspired by aerial photography of pyramids.

Kheyamaya launches at Bert & May during London Design Festival 2016


Apfel: Kheyamaya (Photo: Renee Arns)


Damien Poulain: Kheyamaya (Photo: Renee Arns)


Damien Poulain: Kheyamaya (Photo: Renee Arns)


Damien Poulain: Kheyamaya (Photo: Renee Arns)