Kiki Ljung: Refinery 29

Work / Illustration

Bright, playful work from Paris-based illustrator Kiki Ljung

There’s no mistaking the work of Kiki Ljung, a Swedish-Italian illustrator and designer from Brussels, who graduated from London’s Central Saint Martins but is currently living in Paris. Kiki has made editorial illustrations composed of bright geometric shapes in vivid hues her bread and butter, and as a result she has a fine reputation among commissioners for producing the kind of solid, eye-catching work that will stop you from turning a page, or even clicking away, before you’ve fully absorbed her images. With a track record like that, who could resist?


Kiki Ljung: Kuvva Kuvva


Kiki Ljung: Kuvva Kuvva


Kiki Ljung: Fika Fika


Kiki Ljung: Fika Fika


Kiki Ljung: Ben Kirber