Killian Loddo: PUBLIC Reitveld

Work / Graphic Design

Killian Loddo: French designer or visual wizard? You decide

Visual wizard is not a term used lightly, but it seems appropriate here as this guy is seriously raising the bar for young art directors and graphic designers right now. The Gerrit Rietveld Academie – which is pretty much an active volcano that vomits out hundreds of incredibly talented people every year – was the establishment that educated Killian, and taught him the art of making something look A) very cool and B) ahead of its time.

And that’s not all. Just as a luxurious country manor has a long driveway, Killian’s website has one of the most pleasurable introductory pages you can get, showing us that as well as being a young master of print and art direction, he’s also handy with a bit of Flash as well – looks as if we’d better keep our eye on him.


Killian Loddo: Entity


Killian Loddo: Entity


Killian Loddo: Entity


Killian Loddo: Entity


Killian Loddo: Entity


Killian Loddo: Lawrence Weiner


Killian Loddo: Reitveld OPEN DAG 2011


Killian Loddo: TMWYS