Kim Alsbrooks: Jesse Benton Fremont (1824-1902)

Work / Art

Class equality explored through trash miniatures by Kim Alsbrooks

Everyday I get jealous of the people sitting in the First Class section on the train, lounging in their comfortable seats with enough space they can pop their bags next to them, while I stand, irritated and squashed between perspex and a middle-aged woman’s backside. This is only a small gripe about the distribution of wealth, but it’s clear there are still some issues in regards to class distinction however much we want equality. Frustrated by people still clinging to these archaic social structures and biased histories of aristocrats, Kim Alsbrooks decided to stick it to the man on a can through her ongoing White Trash Series, started back in 2004 when living in the southern states of America.

Painting miniature versions of traditional portraits onto flattened cans and fast food containers, this bold juxtaposition directly challenges these ideals and our perception of the elite by levelling the playing field. The soft colours of the portraits and classic oval shape clash wonderfully with the brash graphics and metallic sheen of the flattened rubbish and there’s real skill in Kim’s reproductions created by gessoing the can and painting in oils.


Kim Alsbrooks: Mrs. Martha Pawley LaBruce (1766-1822)


Kim Alsbrooks: Samuel Bradford (1776-1837)


Kim Alsbrooks: Gen. Winfield Scott (1803-89)


Kim Alsbrooks: Anne Sherman (from 1896)


Kim Alsbrooks: Mrs. Laura Johnson (1795-1883)


Kim Alsbrooks: Thomas Cole (1801-48)