Kim Westfall: Untitled

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Get lost in the tropical jungle of colour and energy that are Kim Westfall’s paintings

People wing the phrase “creative freedom” about willy nilly, which is no real bad thing but nothing quite sums up complete creative freedom to me more than the plentiful work of Kim Westfall. Her style, palette and sheer quantity of work more than suggest that her dedication to painting is as clear as the energy that flows through her images. Scrolling through them is like tearing through an overgrown, wet forest full of tropical flowers, stopping only when you come across her astounding, monochrome pen and ink work. These works are, if anything, just as beautiful as her colourful paintings, and the joy of seeing an artist try their hand at other mediums even when they’ve got such a strong, rich style that doesn’t even need altering is just totally the best thing ever.


Kim Westfall: Rescue Fantasy


Kim Westfall: Failure Delay


Kim Westfall: Specific Habits


Kim Westfall: Untitled


Kim Westfall: False Entries


Kim Westfall:


Kim Westfall:


Kim Westfall: Untitled