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We chat to King Zog about their new website – which is the best website ever

Wise words here from Peckham design collective King Zog. They’re back with a new website that will fart up the nose of your website faster than you can say “rainbow gloves.” The lads – a cocktail of Ben West, Jack Slee, Josh King and Felix Heyes – have collected all their work and put it on the World Wide Web the manner of a really, really personal business card. By that I mean that one look at their new site tells you everything you need to know about this lot. They’re some of the only people who can truly pull off funny design while simultaneously being eons ahead of everyone else in the ideas department. Special lads.

What makes a good site?


What did you want to avoid?

A lot of people design a website pretty much like they would design a printed page, which can be a mistake. You have this computer, and this screen, the most complex machines ever in the world, and they’ll do anything if you ask them the right way.

Are you guys into coding or do you outsource that?

Ben wrote our website, which took a long while. Programming is making something from nothing, which is always exciting. But there are parts of web development which get really boring. It’d be great to use programming in some crazy interactive art one day, like the stuff UVA have been doing, but with more fart sounds.


King Zog: Activia Benz

Tell us about a few of the projects King Zog are woking on at the moment

We’re working out how to put an artificial cloud over Outlook festival. We also made a poster you can only read when you pee on it, but are waiting for the right bladder conditions. Plus millions of secret projects.

There’s been a lack of it recently, but how important is humour in people’s work these days?

Jokes are quick and memorable and unpretentious – all great for creative work. A good enough joke makes something worth looking at even if it looks like shit. And you laugh because you understand something, so it’s good communication too. And it’s fun to make funny things with your mates. We could go on.

Of course sometimes you want to squeeze some other feeling out of an audience – like sad, hungry or want to dance. But jokes are a good tool a lot of the time. It’s only art after all.

Tell us about some other really good websites we can visit


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