Kouhei Ashino: I couldn’t explain myself well

Work / Illustration

Sarcastic, yet cute nonetheless – Kouhei Ashino’s charming jungle creatures

We sort of all suspect deep down that David Shrigley is probably an excellent draftsman, and we can kind of imagine that Caravaggio was a great cartoonist. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that Kouhei Ashino, responsible for the ludicrously delightful images below, is also able to produce incredibly detailed illustrations of Japanese life (see his website). That’s all very well, but who needs pictures of real-life when he’s giving us such wonderful drawings of contemptuous crocodiles, and troublesome monkeys? Luckily for us, Kouhei divides his time between his two methods of working equally, so there are enough of his scratchy, pencil-jungle images to keep you cheery all day.


Kouhei Ashino: You want to go home, no doubt, hahaha.


Kouhei Ashino: What are you doing in this neck of the woods?


Kouhei Ashino: A downright catastrophe


Kouhei Ashino: He prowls the woods


Kouhei Ashino: The police think it is an abandoned pet.