Kyle Bean: Model for Men’s Health

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Kyle Bean’s portfolio boasts yet another set of amazing updates

They say there are only two things in life that are certain – death and taxes. Well it might be time to add a third one to that list (even at risk of skewing a pithy aphorism) – so it’ll be death and taxes and Kyle Bean’s updates being tremendous. The splendidly-talented Brighton graduate has been at it again with the newest additions to his portfolio continuing his lust for excellence in everything he does. Pick of the bunch is a dazzling model satirising the bird flu panic for Scientific American but a paper heart for Men’s Health, an upside down house for Lloyds and a world made of footprints for Nature magazine all confirm what we already knew – Kyle Bean is brilliant.


Kyle Bean: Model for Scientific American


Kyle Bean: Model for Nature


Kyle Bean: Model for Nature


Kyle Bean: Model for Lloyds