Kyle Platts: DNA

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Kyle Platts turns to Xerox in his latest series

Sheffield-born, London-based artist, illustrator and It’s Nice That family member Kyle Platts is back. During a three-month trip to Melbourne, Kyle turned his back on digital technology, using Xerox to make the yellow and pink-hued series below, which looks at the psychological phenomenon of pareidolia.

“This new series of Xerox prints explores the idea of using pareidolia to create abstract narratives in the viewers mind,” Kyle explains. “Pareidolia is the instinctive ability humans have to recognise patterns in random data or faces in inanimate objects. By creating a series of images and words that are not obviously connected the viewer makes a unique interpretation of what the true meaning could be, piecing the data together to create a new narrative in this series of prints.”

“It’s thought that pareidolia is a residual instinctive trait, an automatic mechanism once used by humans to recognise predators faces among the abstract landscape of a jungle. It’s no longer essential to recognise predators in modern society, but we still have to ability to create connections in random data. Those connections and interpreted narratives now serve to give us a stronger sense of purpose.”


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