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After its longstanding success with more than 20 Spanish-language masters, the Barcelona School of Arts and Design is now offering English language speakers three online masters.

22 February 2023


Sometimes the rigid structure of a masters is a key reason individuals decide against pursuing further education. If you are wanting to develop yourself professionally but are already in employment, you may be unable to take in-person classes. If so, Barcelona School of Arts and Design’s (LABASAD) programme may be the choice for you. LABASAD is the only exclusively online design school that offers 100 per cent live classes, to give you an in-person experience in an online format.

The school has recently launched its first ever English language-taught classes, opening its teaching up to a whole host of new students. And if the experiences of past students are anything to go by, it’s one worth exploring: 94 per cent of past students recommend the school, while 87 per cent of students have obtained a job after graduating, with past alumni now working at Ikea, Oglivy, Adidas and Wunderman Thompson.

Within LABASAD’s offering there are three new English language masters on offer. First of all there is an Online Master in Graphic and Digital Design, where students will be guided through topics such as brand identities, editorial design, digital design and packaging – ideal for anyone looking to become an expert designer. The second is the Online Master in Graphic Design and Applied Typography, aimed at those wanting to specialise in type design, and lastly, a digitally focused Online Master in UI/UX design.


Patricia Mestre, LABASAD's student: MAMT Project (Copyright © Patricia Mestre, 2022)

While it’s understandable to have reservations about an entirely online programme, LABASAD are dedicated to supporting their students, ensuring no one ever feels left behind while still providing high-class teaching. All of the classes are delivered live and students can watch them from wherever they wish, still interacting with other students and sharing their learnings in an online setting. However, the virtual campus is also open 24 hours a day. If students have not been able to attend, they can return to classes on a recorded basis. There is also an academic coordinator who acts as a direct link to the school and is readily available to provide support when needed.

Throughout the masters at LABASAD, you’ll find yourself in good hands. All of the instructors continue their profession alongside teaching, working for some of the biggest brands, including Adobe, Starbucks, Apple and Netflix. In maintaining their personal practices, tutors are able to offer students invaluable information of how the industry they’re entering looks and works today – offering insight into the techniques, tools, trends and needs that companies are currently demanding.

To suit the expansive geography of the masters, the instructors are also based all over the world. Take the directors of the new English language online masters as an example, Mark Bloom who has worked with Coca Cola and Beats in London, Marina Soto who who lives in Barcelona and has completed work for the Spanish brand Concepta and the Swiss brand Yunik, alongside Christian Lowell art director at B-Reel design who also lives in Barcelona. Meanwhile, Stuart Tolley who is part of Transmission design is based in Malaga, and Olivier Segers. who has worked for the Royal Observatory Belgium and Moon Cosmetics, is based in Cape Town.

Alongside such well-rounded teaching, while at LABASAD you’ll have access to a wide range of extras, such as brilliant networking opportunities. The alumni community is additionally a social network in which students can meet and keep up to date with news, job offers, resources and events. Moreover, students will also have access to innovative and experimental workshops, to help them think differently about projects. There are also workshops specifically catered to help students transition into the workforce after graduation, featuring sessions on entrepreneurship and portfolio development.

If you’re looking to expand your graphic education with high-class teaching and in-person experience in an online format, LABASAD has a programme tailored exactly to your needs. For more information, Visit the LABASAD site or send an email to info@labasad.com.


Alicia Gómez, LABASAD's student: Besun Project (Copyright © Alicia Gómez, 2022)


Roc Domingo, LABASAD's student: Spiral Project (Copyright © Roc Domingo, 2022)


Cristina Madrona, LABASAD's student: Editorial Project (Copyright © Cristina Madrona, 2022)


Alicia Gómez, LABASAD's student: Besun Project (Copyright © Alicia Gómez, 2022)


Stuart Tolley, LABASAD's Co-director: Editorial Project (Copyright © Stuart Tolley, 2021)


Abenaura González, LABASAD's student: Enolas Project (Copyright © Abenaura González, 2022)


Marina Soto, LABASAD's Co-director: Baroque Therapy Project (Copyright © Marina Soto, 2021)

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LABASAD Barcelona School of Arts and Design is the only exclusively online design school that delivers classes 100% live – this gives students an in-person experience in an online format and this is how we guarantee such a unique, high-quality learning experience.

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