Landland: Andrew Bird and Atom’s Rite

Work / Graphic Design

Mixing up the gig poster with these lovely illustrations is studio Landland

There’s a regulated format for a lot of things in life where there’s little room to experiment. For instance ties go around your neck, not on your head, queueing is the only way to get anywhere and a five-day weekend with a two-day work week will never catch on. The same goes for most gig/music posters, many of which are formulaic and literally just the communication of information to a lot of people. But Minneapolis-based Landland (the studio so nice, they named it twice), have been cranking some great looking gig posters for various artists and bands with a signature style that I can’t help be fond of. With a line drawn style and nostalgic colours, their work feels really homegrown and with definite personality and clear care for what they’re actually creating.


Landland: Eric Church


Landland: The Cloak Ox


Landland: Pachinko Machines


Landland: Flatstock 33