Larry Van Pelt: French Horn (crop)

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Extraordinary drawings of Jesus in the workplace by Larry Van Pelt

Artist Larry van Pelt wants to spread the word that “Jesus in life makes a difference.” Already a keen artist, Florida-based Larry decided to use his creative skills to spread the message, and began drawing Jesus in a number of different working environments. His collection involves a huge range of work scenarios, including a truck driver, a secretary, a carpet layer, a bodybuilder and a french horn player.

No matter what the job is, Larry always makes sure to incorporate Jesus just watching politely from the sidelines, present but not meddling with the actual work. Larry’s extraordinary talent came to him at the age of 50, when he woke from a dream with a clear message telling him that he must dedicate years of his life to creating these drawings.

“After a few years of self-study, and then three months training by an accomplished artist/instructor (a missionary on a one year sabbatical), the skills to accomplish the task began to unfold,” Larry says on his site. “These skills were honed by the drawing of wild animals and Christmas cards featuring our grandchildren. Finally, with much apprehension, I began the drawings of people in everyday situations, selecting those occupations, tasks, etc. that could be readily recognised.”

Ten years of drawing later, and Larry has built up a pretty extraordinary collection of images. We talk a lot about people doing one thing really well and sticking to it, and I can’t think of a better example than this. Nice one Larry!


Larry Van Pelt: Secretary


Larry Van Pelt: Artist


Larry Van Pelt: Bodybuilder


Larry Van Pelt: Student


Larry Van Pelt: Surgeon


Larry Van Pelt: Larry Van Pelt: French Horn


Larry Van Pelt: Construction


Larry Van Pelt: Carpet Layer


Larry Van Pelt: Truck Driver


Larry Van Pelt: Dental Assistant