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Animation collective Late Night Work Club release its second anthology of shorts

Animation collective Late Night Work Club has released, Strangers – a brand new anthology of short films. At 42 minutes long, this is the second project for the collective that rotates its members involvement and it encompasses seven original works created between 2014 and 2016. The roster of animators for this edition includes animations from Nicolas Menard with Wednesday with Goddard, Alex Grigg with Born in a Void and other shorts by Sean Buckelew, Loup Blaster, Caleb Wood, Jeanette Bonds and Kirsten Lepore.

Late Night Work Club is an “excuse to bring a whole bunch of [animators] together and make something great, and also to promote the work of the artists involved”. The work is independent and non-commercial and it’s a celebration of some of the most personal and experimental animation on the internet right now with 23 different animators on board.

It’s clear each animation in Strangers has been a labour of love, with an array of styles interpreting the theme. From the funny to the awkward, the touching to the just disturbing, there’s something for every mood. The beauty of the compilation is how diverse the talent is and Late Night Work Club prides itself on welcoming all types of animators whether they’re freelance, full-time, students or don’t even work in animation directly.


Late Night Work Club: Strangers (still)


Late Night Work Club: Strangers (still)


Late Night Work Club: Strangers (still)


Late Night Work Club: Strangers (still)