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Playfulness and versatility in graphic designer Laura Bergans’ work

Belgian graphic designer Laura Bergans has a meaty portfolio, which sees her creating posters, books, flyers, graphic identities and websites for a range of different clients. Her output is vast, and there’s an energy and playfulness to all of her projects. “The most important thing for me is always finding the right graphic language for each project and reinforcing the message,” says Laura. This ability to adapt means her client list is diverse, having worked on projects including fashion and design quarterly Kwintessens, museums and art houses, as well as more independent work.

Take her designs for deSingel, Belgium’s biggest cultural institute. Laura has created brochures for several of the institutions performances and shows, but the pamphlets for Stop In festival stand out for their humour. Designed to look like cheap travel brochures, they evoke the flashiness and exoticism of the different countries the festival periodically represents.  

Other highlights include Laura’s ongoing work with Z33, a house for contemporary art that organises regular workshops, hosts exhibitions and publishes books and catalogues for children. Consistently colourful, even the materials Laura uses keep in her young audience in mind – with a clever use of coloured card and simple line drawings for immediate engagement. With other bold and graphic works for Het Paviljoen, a space for experimental art, and design agency Design Flanders, Laura demonstrates her versatility and attentiveness as a designer.  


Laura Bergens: deSingel


Laura Bergens: deSingel


Laura Bergens: deSingel


Laura Bergens: deSingel


Laura Bergens: Z33


Laura Bergens: Z33


Laura Bergens: Kwintessens


Laura Bergens: De Nieuwe Oogst