Kanye, modern dating and more: updates from Laura Breiling

3 March 2016
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German illustrator Laura Breiling has carved out a niche for herself playfully illustrating current affairs and women with attitude. Regularly contributing timely work for publications like Bloomberg Businessweek, Pitchfork and more recently, Riposte, her style continues to get sharper and the colours bolder each time we check in with her. Last summer it was the bevy of sassy women she is building a name on, like those from her Women in Charge series. The most recent wave of work shows more diversity and includes tongue-in-cheek responses to Kanye West’s apparent debt, visualisations of chart-topping song lyrics from 2015 and modern dating.


Laura Breiling: Jhene Aiko, The Year in Lyrics for Pitchfork


Laura Breiling: The Star Has No Money


Laura Breiling: Stay Strong, Ladies!


Laura Breiling: The Weeknd, The Year in Lyrics for Pitchfork


Laura Breiling: Love

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