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Part of the zoo animal series


Part of the zoo animal series


Part of the zoo animal series

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Student of the Month: Laura Hobson

A special summertime student of the month for August – graphic designer Laura Hobson. Having just completed her foundation at Burton College she is heading to university in the autumn, but she is already in-demand. Having won the UK heats of the Young Creative Chevrolet competition – and coming in second across the whole of Europe – we’re sure to be seeing more of her top-quality work that fuses colour and clarity with aplomb.

At the time of making/creating the project for Chevrolet, who or what was your biggest influence?

After looking at commemorative car posters throughout history, the Mercedes Benz poster created by Anita Büscher in the 1980s really stood out because of its illustrative style. From that, I decided to work more of my own illustrations into the poster.

What was the most valuable thing you learnt at art school?

From my foundation I learnt to explore ideas more and to always challenge myself.

What would you have done if you hadn’t gone to art college?

Probably some kind of maths based career (I did A-level maths), which is a bit crazy to think about!

Where are you making/creating most of your work?

I create most of my work at home, but I also work freelance at a few design studios, so just wherever there’s space!

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently on a month’s placement at Poke London and after that I want to develop some more pieces for a series of zoo infographics that I’ve designed. I’ve also got a bit of freelance website design work booked that I’m planning to finish before starting uni.