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The reductive and exacting work of graphic designer Laura Prim

Graphic designer Laura Prim set up her own studio in 2014 in her hometown of St Gallen in Switzerland. Laura studied graphic design at the School of Art and Design in Lucerne, and Typography at Zurich University of the Arts, and has worked at agencies in Berlin, London and St Gallen. Her portfolio includes posters and book designs for a number of cultural institutions and agencies, and shows how her education has resulted in a precise and exacting creative output.

“If there is enough time I love to go through an extensive design process,” explains Laura. “I start with defining the conditions but without any idea regarding what the design will look like in the end. It‘s an adventure! The results tend to be very reduced and focused on typography. I guess my preferred method of work is the method of reduction.”

Sharing her studio space with other designers allows for collaboration and experimentation. “I share my studio with a couple of good friends and talented designers from Kasper-Florio and Bureau Collective as well as the photographer Ladina Bischof. We maintain an enriching exchange on contemporary graphic design but also about music, films, art, exhibitions… it inspires me enormously to work in an environment like this,” says Laura. “I also find inspiration in books and blogs. Currently, among my main influences is the designer and architect AG Fronzoni, I also love of the art of Suprematism. Reduced, minimalistic work with beautiful details.”

Laura is currently working on a visual identity for a music festival and has ongoing projects with a local architect and a fashion designer, as well as a collaboration with another designer. “I cherish the unexpected influences, this brings excitement and surprising turns to the daily routine,” she says. “I should do this more often in the future!” 


Laura Prim: Territory, On the Development of Landscape and City, ETH Studio Basel


Laura Prim: Postcard for the Saiten Magazin


Laura Prim: Kulturfestival St.Gallen 2015


Laura Prim: Tina Modotti, Historical and Ethnological Museum St.Gallen


Laura Prim: 50 Jahre Kantonsarchäologie, Historical and Ethnological Museum St.Gallen


Laura Prim: Tom Munz Architect


Laura Prim: Totally Drunk, 5th Edition


Laura Prim: Zumthor, Project Work ZhdK


Laura Prim: Poster Totally Drunk, 5th Edition