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Here 2014: Artists Lernert & Sander

The dutch duo Lernert & Sander are well-known for their high-concept art films, installations, music videos and adverts and it’s the execution in all of their ideas that make them stand out from the rest.

I Love Alaska demonstrates their ability to find the beauty and intrigue in something we might have only considered momentarily. Back in 2006 AOL accidentally released the search queries of 650,000 users over a three-month period and while they removed the data after 3 days, it had already been copied all over the internet.

Lernert & Sander focused on the story of one user in particular and what unfolds is a revealing portrait of a middle-age, religious women from Houston, Texas. It’s this woman’s turn of phrase and her uninhibited thoughts she’s typed into the search engine that really help to bring the picture of her to life. It’s a fascinating video and well worth watching it all.

All of today’s posts are focusing on the speakers at Here 2014, picking out a particular project to enjoy once again. You can follow the action live over on our @HereLondon Twitter feed.


Lernert & Sander: I Love Alaska


Lernert & Sander: I Love Alaska


Lernert & Sander: I Love Alaska