Leslie Wood: Plants

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Upbeat vibrancy makes Leslie Wood one of our new favourites

There’s so much great creative talent based in Brooklyn it’s a wonder anyone does a normal job there. Heck maybe even the police and street sweepers have a nice sideline in killer graphic design or arty portrait photography. Leslie Wood is an illustrator who certainly doesn’t need a sideline in street sweeping, as her vibrant, colourful work has won her admirers from a host of top editorial clients, including Buzzfeed, Reader’s Digest and Anorak Magazine. There’s a childlike enthusiasm at play in her portfolio but no lack of talent when it comes to image-making – clearly Leslie has the skills to go with her sensibilities. Best picture of a giant donut you’ll see this week? Would have thought so…


Leslie Wood: Donut


Leslie Wood: Baseball Fix


Leslie Wood: Rain


Leslie Wood: Pizza Pi


Leslie Wood: Crystal Ball


Leslie Wood: The End